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Our Rifle Hunt is a unique experience that will challenge and exhilarate hunters of all levels. 

Single whitetail only hunts are available. These can be a great hunt to do with family or friends as a 2x1, or 1x1. Again expect to be seeing 140” class bucks daily with a very realistic opportunity at something in the 150”-160” range.


No tree stand or ground blind hunting here, spot and stock style hunt. Expect some fast-paced action! 

If you require a hotel stay before or after that will be your responsibility.


Our rifle hunts run for the entire month of November, with 6-day hunts from Monday to Saturday or 4-day hunts from Wednesday to Saturday. We also offer 8,10,12 day hunts upon request. Hunters are expected to arrive the afternoon before the day their hunt starts.

It is often asked when is the best week to come up for a rifle hunt. The simple answer is it varies from year to year. The mule deer rut will be starting sometime between the last week of October and the first week of November. It usually hits the peek sometime around the second week. Bucks will often be found rutting right into December. Whitetail rut generally starts a little later with the peek usually around the 20th of November.



This is a spot and stalk hunt. It's not uncommon to put 200-300 miles on driving back roads in a day or hiking 5-10 miles. This hunt can be suited to accommodate anyone and all fitness levels. 


Average shooting opportunities range from 100-300 yards. The ability to shoot further is always a bonus, but usually not necessary.

Weather can vary greatly this time of year from 40°F to -40°F with two feet of snow. So it is important to be prepared for anything.


 The areas we hunt have been known to produce some top-end Whitetail year after year. 170”-180” bucks are not out of the question, but realistically speaking expect shooting opportunities at bucks gross scoring between 140”-160”.


For mule deer, we will be targeting 180”-200”+ class bucks with an emphasis on shooting older age class deer. Realistically over the course of a 4-6 day hunt, expect a quality shooting opportunity at a mature 170-190 class deer.  

Setting realistic expectations regarding the quality of deer you're seeking is crucial. These hunts aren't canned or fenced; we're at the mercy of Mother Nature and other uncontrollable factors. Therefore, no outcomes are guaranteed. Nonetheless, we're committed to putting forth maximum effort, dedicating 100% of our resources to position you in front of the buck of your dreams.

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Sounding Creek Outfitters is dedicated to providing exceptional hunting experiences to our clients. If you have any questions about our services or would like to book a hunt, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact Scott directly at 

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