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Sounding Creek Outfitters was established in 2017. It is owned and operated by myself Scott Olsen, and is based out of Oyen Alberta Canada.


I started my career in the guiding and outfitting industry back in 2004 when I went to work for a local outfitter in the area where I grew up. I have always had a love for hunting and the outdoors, and through guiding, grew to have a specific passion for helping people pursue their dreams of taking trophy deer.

We specialize in true free-range spot and stalk-style archery mule deer hunts, as well as a very limited amount of rifle mule deer and Whitetail. Archery hunts run from September 1 through the end of October. Rifle hunts run in the month of November.


We only ever plan to take 10-12 archery hunters per year, spread out over four different WMU zones. This is to ensure that each hunter coming throughout the year is getting to hunt a good area that has not been over-pressured and overhunted. The four zones total over 5900m2 equivalent to around 3.8 million acres. Most of this land is private. Therefore knowing the area, the people and the land owners in it, is essential for gaining access to hunt.


Myself and my guides have lived and hunted in this area our entire lives. Three of the four zones that we hunt butt up to the province of Saskatchewan’s border. Which has no non-resident hunting for mule deer, but is famous for its giant mule deer as well!


The terrain we hunt is a mix of farmland, mainly wheat, canola, and mustard crops. Surrounded by vast open pasture and grassland. Full of rolling hills, coulee systems, buck brush and silver willow patches, as well as river drainages.


This type of terrain is ideal for growing and holding top-end quality mule deer. All hunts are conducted out of my home in Oyen Alberta, which is centrally located in all of the hunting areas. That being said it is not uncommon to be putting on more than 200-300 miles per day in search of a trophy deer.


With the hunting area as large as it is we try and focus on proven spots where big deer are known to live based on our pre-season scouting and general history of where they are year to year based on the season.

Contact Us To Book Your Hunt

Oyen Alberta, T0J 2J0

(403) 664 1265

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